Feb 7, 2014

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A brief self-introduction

Nobody will blame you if having gone through the traditional years of schooling, you would be thinking that 9-to-6 office job has to be everyone’s ideal endeavor but I can tell you that it simply is not for me.

I used to say that corporate was the only way that any person has to undertake. You could very well feel it is funny but I completely presumed at one point in time that dressing up in professional workplace attire was cool. Right after college, I was charged up about assembling my own corporate profession.


The Corporate Prison I was In

Things are no longer totally the same, or rather are completely the contrary just two years after. What I at one point of time deemed to be cool and glamorous ended up to be horrendous.

No, I’m not failing. I actually had gotten myself into among the many fortune 500 companies worldwide and that is real, I will be able reveal to you. After enduring 2 years of suffering sitting behind the cubical day-after-day and waiting for the clock hand to strike past 6 pm, I made up my mind that enough is enough.

Some individuals I talked to label me of acting unpremeditated but I can assure you that it is not the way it is and before calling it quit, I carried out my research and look around my friends who happened to graduate from the same batch as me.

Incredibly, large number of whom I spoke to were in the similar circumstance or more terrible than me. Personally,, financial was not the issue. Indeed, most of us were handsomely honored in our jobs and we did discern how lucky we were when many of us in the country are still scrambling to find jobs.

My occupation could not be more stable. Regrettably it is the office politics that pissed me off. I made an effort but I cannot be who I’m not to be. I love reasoning and arguing but only when everyone disagree on the worth of an idea rather than some hidden intention.

I imagine myself 20 and 30 years down the road and imagine how measly life would be if I had to be stuck in such ‘corporate jail’. My lifetime is too precious, I told myself. Ever since my move to call it quit, I will never look back and it is a commitment which I will not feel sorry for.

With the saving that I have accumulated over the 2 years, I am currently pursuing my other passion in life and that has something got to do with the kitchen. Nowadays, I am spending my days inside and out of the pantry and while lethargic I may be, I am not always looking at my watch and wait for the hour to touch past 6.

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